Rates Branch System

Check your Railway's Data

How do you check your Railway's Data?

  1. Download the LDT and JDT which have been automatically generated. Take a printout and check with the current printed version. You can find the discrepancies in distances. Note the Date of Generation of JDT and LDT.www.indianrail.gov.in website. You can find if any station is missing. Please check if any possible route is missing or any cabin/bypass is missing.

What to do if you find a error in Data?

Use Discussion Forum and post it. Or email it to any mailid given in Project team page.

  1. Check Your Division's map and Railway's map as generated in 'Check Your Data' section of the RBS software hosted in indianrail.gov.in site
  2. Take a print out of all Interchange points for your Railway from 'Check Your Data' section. See if any point is missing.
  3. Use the software. Check the results with what you are using. Find the root cause of discrepancy. It may be either that distances you are using is incorrect or the data fed in RBS is incorrect.
  4. Read the Page on Preparation of Data and fully understand it. Contact us if you want to clarify any point.Please also check out the RBS Data Collection Done page to see if the Data was originally entered or not.